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About me

Hi! I'm Lauren. I’m a Califorinia based lifestyle photographer with a penchant for quick wit, a fondness for classic movies, & an inexplicable passion for climbing up mountains. My happy place is anywhere outside (whether that's on a mountaintop or rooftop with wine in hand) & I strongly believe the real photo magic is captured outdoors with natural light. 


I genuinely love connecting with people from all walks of life & telling their stories through photos. Hands down the coolest part of this job is knowing the moments I capture will fill your home & be revisited for years to come. Fair pricing is important to me because incredible photography should be accessible to all. 


When you work with me, your photos will be a reflection of who you are & what speaks to you as a person, couple or family. My job is to help you feel confident, at ease, & that you are in good hands (& also tell you what to do with yours!) It is a universal truth that when in front of a camera, all humans are equally awkward with their hands. 


When I’m not snapping photos, I’m allegedly wise to the ways of marketing & social media. I also really like dessert. 


If you want me to snap some photos for you, say hey & let’s get to know each other! 


Let's talk!

Feel free to send me a short message or fill out a booking request form!


Tel: 757-620-7863


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"Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still."

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